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Healite II

Healite II

The Healite II LED treatment uses low level light therapy to promote skin healing and rejuvenation.
It has a wide range of treatment options and can be used to treat active acne, superficial skin lesions, promote skin rejuvenation and to heal the skin following laser treatment or after other cosmetic procedures.

It is a system designed to enhance aesthetic treatment results and reduce the associated patient downtime.  

Stand alone treatment (rejuvenation, acne, pain, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis)

Package of 4 treatments

Add on treatment. 

Interval: 2-3 times/week for 4-8 weeks  $80

$280 please call 9842 2822 to book

The Healite can be used after laser treatment or pre/post skin surgery to improve and quicken healing. $40 

Please request to add on the Healite treatment after your procedure.

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