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Aesthetic Services

We offer a range of aesthetic skin services including wrinkle relaxers, fillers and laser treatments. If you are new to Aesthetic Services at Albany Skin Clinic, please book a skin consultation with our Aesthetic Services nurse, Nicola. If you proceed with treatment, the Nurse Consultation fee of $50 will be subtracted from treatment costs. 

To download our current price list, please click here.

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As we mature, intrinsic factors such as loss of subcutaneous fat, change in the structure of bones, gravity and loss of elastin and collagen can result in deep creases, skin sagging and hollowing over the face. Filler is made up of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a complex sugar that naturally exists in the body. It is used with the aim of enhancing your natural features, restoring volume and correcting facial lines and folds that result from ageing. Results can be  immediate and last for 6-18 months.

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Anti-wrinkle injections are also known as neuromodulators. They work by temporarily stopping the normal motion of muscles into which they are injected. They treat the dynamic lines, which are formed from repetitive muscle movement. Results may be noticeable from 1 week post treatment and last 3-4 months.

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This laser is the next generation in laser technology producing three times more peak power than the next best green laser. It replaces all pulsed dye and solid-state green lasers with a faster, safer, more versatile solution for pigmented and vascular lesions. Very few sessions are required, minimal recovery time and lasting results.

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