Doctors in the Albany skin clinic are general practitioners have a special interest and further training in dermatology. We are able to offer thorough assessment, investigation and management of skin problems as well as skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. No referral from your regular GP is necessary to book an appointment. We are not specialist dermatologists and where further assessment by a specialist is required, we can arrange this for you, either to visiting or Perth based dermatologists. 

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A skin cancer check up involves a thorough history of factors relevant to your risks of skin cancers and a systematic skin examination to identify any suspicious skin spots. You may have some spots that are clear skin cancers and appropriate treatment options will be offered. Some borderline spots can be observed with dermoscopic photos and others will be recommended for a biopsy to clarify the diagnosis before definitive treatment is offered.

You will be given advice, based on your risk, of how frequently skin checks are recommended. Those who have high risk of skin cancers may be recommended to have full baseline skin photography performed. 



A systemmatic examination of the skin is the key part of a skin cancer check up. This is performed with good lighting and the use of a dermatoscope. A dermatoscope is a device applied to the skin with the use of some alcohol hand washing gel, which allows 10X magnification under polarised lighting. Careful examination with dermoscopy increases the pick up of early and subtle skin cancers with allows for improved treatment outcomes. 


Examination is routinely performed down to underwear (bathers are recommended). It is possible to rarely develop skin cancers in areas hidden by the underwear so examination with the use of a hand mirror at home is worthwhile ahead of your appointment so that you can point out any spots of concern at the time of your appointment. Modesty sheets are available and a chaperone is available if requested. 



Skin problems are a common reason for people to present to their GP. As the skin is such a visible organ skin problems can cause a great deal of distress and difficulty. All GPs are trained to a certain level in dermatology however it is a vast field and many conditions are difficult to diagnose and manage effectively. Albany Skin Clinic doctors have a special interest in skin problems and further training in dermatology and are well equipped assist in managing a wide range of skin complaints. We are pleased to offer these expertise in our region which has limited access to specialist dermatologists. For some complex skin problems referral to a specialist dermatologist will be recommended and can be arranged. 



The range of skin treatments available are almost as many as the number of skin conditions. Both prescription and non prescription treatments often rely on particular application regimes and detailed instructions may be given in order to get the best outcomes. Some treatments may require a compounding pharmacy to make up the preparation as prescribed by your doctor.  

Our goal is for your to have the best possible outcome from your recommended treatment. If you are not satisfied with the results or there is a change in your condition please do not hesitate to book a review appointment. 



The Albany Skin Clinic has a fully equipped procedure room in which our doctors are able to perform a range of skin biopsies and surgical procedures. All of our surgical instruments are autoclaved and sterilised on site to Australian standards. Full time registered nurse support is available during surgical procedures. Albany Skin clinic doctors have expertise in skin surgery and regular surgical lists however they may recommend referral to plastic surgeons or to specialised MOHS clinics for particular skin cancers. 



Digital skin photography can by a useful part of surveillance for skin cancers. Baseline photos can be used for comparison at future skin checks and allows accurate assessment of change in particular lesions or of new lesions developing. Lesions that are atypical in appearance may be suitable to observe with dermoscopic photographs to assess change at a 3 month interval. Some patients at high risk of skin cancer or those with atypical naevi benefit from detailed mole mapping to detect subtle melanomas. Pioneer has photoMAX PRO software which enables comprehensive mole mapping. This may reduce the number of lesions that require a surgical biopsy. All photographic images are stored securely. 


Fees //

Regular Patient     

                                        Standard            Long


Consult Cost                 $99.15                $141.20


Medicare Rebate         $39.75                $76.95


Out of Pocket Cost      $59.40                $64.25


Aged Pensioner        

                                       Standard            Long


Consult Cost                $84.15                $124.20


Medicare Rebate        $39.75                 $76.95


Out of Pocket Cost     $44.40                 $47.25


Health Care Card        

                                       Standard            Long


Consult Cost                $84.15                $124.20


Medicare Rebate        $39.75                 $76.95


Out of Pocket Cost     $44.40                 $47.25




If, following your skin check, lesion removal is required your skin check doctor will discuss likely out of pocket costs for the procedure.


The cost of your skin surgery will be partly covered by Medicare but you will be required to pay a procedural fee which will be an out of pocket cost for you. After the procedure, you will receive a Medicare cheque in the mail which needs to be forwarded to the practice for payment to the GP.


The procedural fee is to cover the cost of consumables, instrument sterilizing and dressings for all lesion removals and minor procedures. This is payable at the time of the procedure or lesion removal.

The fee varies according to the time allocated for your appointment. 

15 minute procedure: $85

30 minute procedure: $170

45 minute procedure: $255

1 hour procedure: $340






Corporate Skin checks are a way of providing a thorough skin examination for your employees.


As well as potentially identifying skin cancers that need further treatment, employees will receive important messages about prevention of harmful skin damage.

To book corporate skin checks, please phone 9892 0470.