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Meet Our Team!

Dr James Turner, Dr David Tadj, Dr Jolmer Smit, Dr John Rowlands, Dr JJ Kriek and Dr Sourabh Joshi provide services to the Albany Skin Clinic. They are General Practitioners who have a special interest, experience and qualifications in skin cancer medicine. For more information about each of these doctors click here

Skin cancers
Should I have a skin cancer check up? 

Yes. 2 out of 3 Australians will have skin cancers in their life time. Early detection is the key.  


I have a spot that is changing what should I do? 

Change in a skin spot can be a suspicious sign. If you are concerned about a changing skin spot please phone our reception staff who can organise an urgent appointment. 


Have you had a skin cancer before? 

If the answer is yes, you are at high risk of further skin cancers and regular skin checks are recommended.


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News //

Phototherapy available at Albany Skin Clinic

This is the first phototherapy unit to operate in Albany, bringing the important treatment modality of UV light therapy to patients in the Great Southern.  Read more about this service here.

Mole mapping has arrived!

Albany Skin Clinic is now using DermEngine software to track patients' moles and spots. For more information please click here.



Corporate Skin Checks


Corporate Skin checks are a way of providing a thorough skin examination for your employees.


As well as potentially identifying skin cancers that need further treatment, employees will receive important messages about prevention of harmful skin damage.

For a quote, please call the Clinic on 9892 0470.